SSKOTZA8 Presents:

The SSKOTZ A8 Family

If you are looking for a Legion at the Game Saint Seiya Awakening, there are several factors to consider. The main one is the ability of that legion to help improve your personal game account.

First, get to know a little about the A8 Family and how it works…

Hello Olympians,

Currently, we take the third steps towards to take over and dominate the ranks of the top 10 Legions in the server, with our focus set on the future of the game.

Our mission

Become the top player base in server global A8, ahead of inter-sever matches and rise to the top of the regional and global ranking.

Who we are

The SSKOTZ A8 Family has been in existence for more than 7 months, where “lovingly” Commander Mom´s “Leo Oak” and “Seumin” had the idea of unifying their legions “来 呀 老弟” and “Elysian” and thus formed the Legion “OlympusGods“.

Since then the “family” has never stopped growing and today we have 4 legions working together to evolve our members.

How we plan to go about this

It is an absolute that the better the rewards, the more advantages one has and legions are a fountain of rewads. On the other hand Legions and members are mutually dependent, therefore the better the player base the better the legion standings and thus the rewards.

And so, we seek to develop our members by:


Providing a Platform

Where they can stay informed and in touch with fellow members.


Statistical Analysis

Geared to identify areas of potencial growth


Carefully Maintaining

The player base taking into consideration a variety of factors

We will grow beyond a single legion to create, the greater, Family.

With a system in place that will allow the best players to rise in rank on the basis of individual achievements, contributions and involvement with the SSKOTZ A8 Family.

By uniting we can consolidate power and provide a space for developing players to grow under the A8 Family umbrella.

Come join us!

We are looking forward to dominating the competitive scene in both server A8 and the region and welcome you to the A8 Family.

Contact us with, my WhatsApp (click here) for more information or ask any questions

How the SSKOTZ A8 Family Works

01. Join a Legion of the Family

Evolve with us, Enter or Be in one of our Legions. For each one a different degree of requirements. There will always be opportunity for everyone.

06. Don’t give up, persist!

Setbacks happen, and we know that. Our system is all designed to identify this and always give our members a new chance..

05. New challenges and competitiveness.

A new phase begins, new challenges. Once promoted, you begin to be analyzed and compared on a more demanding level, which makes it more challenging.

02. Be active and contribute.

Being in one of our legions, your performance will be monitored and analyzed by our commanders.

03. Analysis and comparison.

All of our commanders, through our member control system, analyze the account through its results to make the most correct and honest decision possible.

04. Get promoted!

Reaching the pre-established goals, you will have the possibility, if you wish to be promoted to a higher level legion.

The legions of our family today.


Legion lvl: 10

Captain: |SK|Robinm

Members: 66/70


Legion lvl: 10

Captain: [GOD]Trapolice

Members: 67/70


Legion lvl: 9

Captain: [GOD]Pavel

Members: 68/68


Legion lvl: 7

Captain: [GOD]Pandora.

Members: 14/64

[Automatic Approval Members]

…. Comming Soon ….

Legion lvl: Comming Soon

Captain: Comming Soon

Members: XX/XX

Check out what some members say about us

The Legion is incredible, the best I have participated to date. One of the most competitive legions.Very united and participative, as well as fun.


+250 days on A8 Family

Galact Duels Legenday PVP Player

Whenever you doubt how far you can go. Just remember how far you’ve come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won and all the fears you have overcome. it’s not only a game but it’s also a place where you meet great friends


+250 days on A8 Family

Galact Duels Imortal PVP Player

This dedication grows more every day, and this is visible, especially when new members are added and helped by several old members. This dedication to helping surprises me and is what I most admire.


+250 days on A8 Family

Galact Duels Legenday PVP Player

Despite being in the legion a short time ago, I have felt very comfortable in it. We all help each other as much as we can and it is a very fun and competitive group at the same time….


+60 days on A8 Family

Galact Duels Imortal PVP Player

The dedication of the members is incredible. In addition to all the experience and fun that the game provides, we also have the friendships we have built.


+250 days on A8 Family

Galact Duels Imortal PVP Player

Came from a sister Legion that formed Olympus God’s. Always willing to help and motivate players to better their game play. One of the conquest team organizer/participant.


+250 days on A8 Family

Galact Duels Imortal PVP Player

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