The SSKOTZA8 Family

General Legion Rules

Know our rules

They are created to maintain quality

Follow the rules

To maintain standards and help your legion

Help us your friends

Help inspect and guide Legion members

SSKOTZA8 Legions must work together, and with a focus on providing:

General rules of the Legions of the SSKOTZA8 family

The rules below are general rules, which apply to all Legions, however each legion has its own independent command, and with this full decision-making power, they may soon have their own rules or specific customizations within their legion.



The union of the SSKOTZA8 Family (the set). It is more important than a legion or a member.

Always ahead is our plan and our goals for the A8 Family (set of legions).

Members come and go, we have to think about the collective, a universe of 210+ members and not just 70 anymore.



Legion administrators should work with a focus on the quality and evolution of members.

Quality: A bad member can project his entire legion, generating instability or discontent.

Evolution: Provenly, investing in the evolution of a 1-member account, generates returns for your legion, that’s why this is so important.¬†

We help members with materials and compilations of tutorials that we find on websites or youtube to facilitate the search and filter the good information for our members.



Motivate and preserve the member’s desire.

A motivated member, plays more, is more active, generates more results for the Legion.

A dissatisfied member may leave his legion, or the entire family due to dissatisfaction. We have to be very careful with that.

Her legion and management is serious, but remember that this is a game, and a game is also a fun environment.



Best Quality and Rewards for the Family Member.

All commanders of our legions must have a plan for purchasing items in the legion market, which must contain the items. Members must know what conditions need to be met to obtain an item from the market:

Special Legion Boss Daily

Star Trial: Provides common and advanced gems as rewards.


Soul of Poseidon: Provides material for refining and locking the cosmos as rewards.

10x Flower Box

Buy 10x Flower Box, at least, whenever there is a discount.

Legion Bonus Itens and Others

Have a plan for when to buy such items, or if they will not buy.

This planning must be simple, direct and objective, to facilitate the understanding of any member.

For Example:

1 – We buy the Special Boss “Star Trial” daily e 10 Flower Boxes whenever there is a discount.

2 – If we have more than 50k+ of medals, we buy 10 Flower Boxes daily.

3 – If we have more than 60k+ of medals, we buy “box legion bonus” every day, and “reforces for Ruins” (only when have discount)



Provide a means of communication for its members.

Global Chat Group

Usually a group of WhatsApp or Telegram is used. There are legions that also have a Discord group.

PvP Chat Group (Optional)

We recommend creating an exclusive group, under the supervision of a commander, to focus exclusively on Legion Wars and Achievements.

We do not recommend mandatory participation, however, this participation is considered a bonus in the SSKOTZA8 family ranking.



Provide information and publicize the Internal Ranking

Commanders must have a plan for how they will disclose the Members the SSKOTZA8 Internal Ranking.

We believe this periodic disclosure is important so that members can monitor its development and always try to improve their qualification.

PvP Chat Group (Optional)

We recommend creating an exclusive group, under the supervision of a commander, to focus exclusively on Legion Wars and Conquests.

We do not recommend mandatory participation, however, this participation is considered a bonus in the SSKOTZA8 family ranking.

With the information, our system prepares the ranking by doing more than 30 mathematical analyzes and several comparisons with the performance of the members of the SSKOTZA8 family.

TOP Detailed Ranking!

The ranking shows the positioning of each member from TOP 1 to TOP 300.

So members can easily identify where to improve to move up the ranking.

Administrative Reports

The system generates important statistical information in real time to assist commanders in decision making. With that the management can intervene in time to help a member who has difficulties in his legion.

Planning and Actions Meeting

Whenever necessary, when the system alerts us, we meet with all commanders and make decisions, always aiming for the good of the whole community and of our legions.



Maintain the balance of the members and the legion

Some members may experience problems or low productivity, which can be detrimental to their own game account if they are in an unfavorable environment. Always aiming at the well-being of members and their participation, as well as their enjoyment. An unbalanced legion, even if partially, can lose performance or even prevent it from being more competitive.

In a legion with a level 200+ Boss, the possibility of a level 40 player being able to challenge or even compete is almost null, which discourages the player and hinders the legion to obtain better results. That same player would never have the possibility to achieve the best bonuses due to the lack of balance between the other players.

Rewards (to the player’s personal account) are sent every Monday and depend on the contribution of the legion participants (how much he generated) last week. They can be obtained on the game page.

Make less than 1000 deposits can only receive a basic reward.

Make 1000-1999 deposits can receive a the previous and additional award Legion tokens and regular gems.

Make 2000-3999 deposits can receive a the previous and a small amount of diamonds.

Make 4000-4999 deposits can receive a the previous and plus diamonds, legion tokens, and ordinary gems.

Make 5000-9999 deposits can receive a the previous and a lot of diamonds, legion tokens, and improved gems.

Make more than 10,000 deposits can receive a the previous and a huge variety of diamonds, legion tokens, and improved gems.

Commanders must be attentive to this by assisting members with less capacity or advising them to obtain better results.



The evolution of the player within the family.

According to agreements with the stages below, the first being the most important and following the sequence:

1 – The main beneficiary here is the player, the decision is his, it is the player who produces results, so the final decision is his. The player will choose one of our legions that have free spaces to participate.

2 – The player does his activities and generates resources daily. We analyze the results of the players at least 1x a week, we update our internal ranking, which analyzes all members and legions of our family.

3 – We generate reports and make them available online. These reports contain, for example, the minimum requirements to be in a specific legion of the family. That way the player can plan to achieve his goals.

4 – With all the information generated, the legions’ commanders have the possibility to identify and act so that each player’s account has greater use in the game, mainly for their personal rewards as for the legion.

5 – These requirements are necessary for the player to have better benefit for his account, and to be able to assist his legion in a more efficient way.

Based on this example ranking, players “slipknPro” and “wolkov2” would score enough to join the InvictusBR or Olympus legion, but not enough to enter OlympusGods.

However, the player “wolkov2” does not have enough account level for this, which would leave him out of these legions. However, this is a direct decision of each commander of our legions.

The minimum requirements vary according to each legion and its evolution or direction of its command.



Minimum stay and removal of legion members.

A new member should not be removed from a legion just for low productivity in less than 7 days.

A member can be removed from a legion in case of 3 days offline.

Commander Decision

It is the duty of the member to be part of the legion’s communication group.

In the event of an offense, aggression or toxic game, a member may be removed without notice.

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