Today I will build a list of 10 rules in the game to have the best and most efficient evolution and use.

Don’t spend all your diamonds on summoning. #

Accumulate your diamonds, they are very useful.
For example:
1 gem = 100 diamonds,
1 package of 11 gems = 1000 diamonds.

Always have a diamond reserve for events, vigor, armor repair, which can be much more important than some summoning attempts that can result in nothing.

Never accumulate Stamin #

The main mistake, the most common and the most “amateur”.

Blue is an “ALERT” that you are losing strength!

That is, you have a chance to not gain the “free” vigor you should have over time (every 6 minutes).
That is, imagine that you can earn 1050 a week, and leaving that in blue, you earn only 840, on my example on temple LvL 58.

Do not invest in banners without the resources #

For example a Hypnos SS. One of the best characters in the game.

You need 24 Blue Books or 12 Green Books, if you are far from it, don’t take any chances, it shouldn’t be your priority.

Otherwise, you will spend your gems and he will be a character for “collection only”.

Focus on your daily farm #

Experience, cosmos, eighth sense and gold, are ways to focus on your daily farm.

UNLOCK THE PVE: First of all, focus on unlocking the highest levels (Epic Ruins Floor 11, Titan Floor 11, Shrine…..) to maximize your result.

For example, Monday and Friday are the best days to farm cosmos, on those days that are exclusive to the cosmos, avoid spending stamina on other unnecessary things.

On the other days, based on your focus, is it maximizing a hero by putting it at level 80? or complete your eighth sense ?? And if you don’t know what to do, spend your stamina with Experience (Epic Ruins).

Do PVP missions daily. #

Galactic Duel: At least try to get a “one” victory in the Galactic Duel.

Saint Arena: Every day you get 5 tickets for 5 matches, the secret here is to buy 5 more tickets with 70 diamonds, totaling 10 daily challenges and thus obtain all the possible prizes of the day.

Field of Honor: You can increase the difficulty / amount of missions and automatically increase the volume of rewards daily with few diamonds

Don’t spend blue books in vain! #

It is better not to spend, than to spend incorrectly.

Some Skills do not make significant differences when elevated, but some are fundamental.

As shown in the image above, and can be seen in the spreadsheet below, we have in this file an orientation of which Skill to Raise and in which sequence, from minimum use to maximum use.


In the example of Hypnos we have suggestion to skill up: 1141 > 1144 > 1154 > 1454 > 1455 > 1555 > 4555
This means that for him to start minimal working he must have at least 1-1-4-1, this means that you need 6 green books or 12 blue books.

Request and donate fragments to your legion #

Help your friends and your legion to get stronger, donate as many fragments as possible, not just the minimum of 2 (rewards), help them because the return in the long term is greater for you.

Save resources for PVP Melee #

One of the most important events in the game is the PVP Melee, save diameters to compare as many coupons as possible for this event.

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