Suggestion: Daily/Weekly routine

Tutorial still in writing by [GOD]Guerra, Still 80% completed… return on few days to see more changes…

Respawn each week: (do on Monday) #

  • Legion Assault: add char monday to earn points
  • Masei Tower: Focus “?” to trade gems, buy coffers for shards if cash player)
  • Split shop to buy adv gems / xp
  • Astro Cycle

Respawn each day: #

Legion Menu #

  • Legion boss each evening on 19:00h (server time)
  • Legion Commissions (QC) (On first login that you face not day, and 8 hours later.
  • Legion Aid: ask for shards and give at least 2
  • Legion Rewards: get x2
  • Weekly Pack: get it

Event Menu #

  • Free 60 Stamina x2 (lunch and dinner time): 11h30 / 17h30
  • Do the different event quests

Daily Menu #

  • Activity & Train Ground: get the rewards
  • Athena Trial (QC if you can’t raise higher easily)
  • Twelve Temple of Hades (QC if already great score)
  • Daily Bounty (star trial/cloth cemetery/etc.) Quick Complete (QC) if full character validated
To make this, you not need to have stamina!
You can repeat and make this MANY times in a day
Example: You use a based team (June, Marin, and 2 more for kill enemy, and “2 other to complete the activation“. Your saint not can die…. only this…
  • Legion Dungeon (12 Gold Temples) (QC if good score)
  • Assistant: you can use the wizard to speed up the completion of some activities more quickly. (QC if good score)

PVP Menu #

  • Field of Honor: Do 1 Sacred Duel win daily and get the daily & weekly reward when available.
  • Saint Arena: x5 fight, ideally x10 for more rewards (QC unless low rank)
  • Galactic Duel: x3 fight (need 1 win)
  • Train Hall: keep 9 tickets, spend the rest (QC)

Shop Menu #

  • Shop/Mall Item: Refine stone if -20%
  • Shop/Mall Legion: skill tome shard if -40/-60%
  • Shop/Mall Honor : Skill tome shard x2
  • Shop/Mall Cosmo: Find/buy special cosmos, same with Nether and Viper SS/S
  • Shop/Mall Hearts: refine (if you already have many (30 or +) books) item and purple book at 750 (1500 if you got more than 3000)
  • Shop/Mall pack: 10 diamants = 100 stamin Monday

Empower Menu #

  • Cloth Material Chest: x2 free silver chest (12h difference) and x1 free gold chest
  • Cloth shop: check available pieces (refresh 12h) + buy orichalc if needed
  • Saint Temple: Upgrade if available (Quick Workship) or…
for update all automatically
  • …or upgrade the only temple if you use, (save not common used flowers for the future event))
NO CLICK HERE… Save these flowers to change in the future for another on special event…

“Party” Menu #

  • x3 Mirage Invasion (doable Auto AFK)
  • Farm 500 hearts + 200 “Today´s friendship” (Auto AFK)
To verify if you make all 500 hearts possible in one day.
To verify if you make all 200 friendship possible in one day.
  • Pope Advanced Treasure free (Auto AFK)

Other #

  • x2 free stamina each day (save this for Cerberus)

A/B/C Saints you can split or use to Food #

  • Keep 1 (and lock) of each Saint (A/B/C) for legion quest (legion commissions), for best organizer, i suggest to elevate each one “for a LVL 4” aiming at a better organization of those that you will evolve from the others repeated.
  • First, when you need it, prioritize discarding: All black saints, Jango, Sanct commander, Ocean Witch, Dante, Mii, Asterion, Armor of the Dead.
  • All A/B/C saints once their skill to the max / all A/B/C saints when max skill

Tips Divers / Misc Tips #

Save & lock your blue books, it’s the most precious resource in the game! Used to upgrade your top character skills.

Underworld Invasion (Cerberus): Do all Cerberus events when farming xp/cosmo/awaken mats, drop/stamina ratio is at least 30% better.

Stamina refill: 1st paid refill is great (90 diam = 60 stamin). But after that ratio is not really great.

Tips: farm epic ruin as the lead of a party even when out of stamina. When x2 Cerberus spawn: stop the hosting, buy stamina & do x2 Cerberus

Daily: 1x/day without stamin > Pope treasure (party lobby) > fast & great rewards

Daily : 3x/day without stamin > Mirage invasion (party lobby) > shards of the character you want from: Shun, June, Seiya, Erda, Yuzuriha, Hyoga, Isaak, Geki, Jamian, Algol, Ikki Firebird.

Tiers: as soon as your characters power alows it, you should do the next level of epic ruin/shrine/dimension/etc. The higher the level the better the stamina/reward ratio !

Friendship : each level of friendship grants 9 shards of the character. It’s 81 shards you can earn when reaching level 10 of frendship. It’s also mandatory to have a frendship level of 2 to 4 for some 8th sense nodes. To farm frendship : farm a content that you can easily/quickly complete. Optimally when you want to focus a specific character, put it in a team of characters that already have a lvl 10 frendship so that he earns all points, because you have a limit of 200 pts/day.

Cosmo farm, Titan vs Shrine: When Shrine is unlocked, Titan becomes almost useless. Shrine’s ratio is far better. Never use Titan anymore unless you have a specific cosmo to farm there that you can’t have from Shrine.

Auto attack choice: Set auto mode, click on character picture and chose the skill you want him to use.

Cosmo: S cosmo can easily be better than a SS one regarding substats. Main stat difference is quite low.

Refine: guaranteed substat at level 4 (and 8) : use that mechanic to test/filter cosmo you want to raise more (double/triple top substat at lvl 4 should be your goal)

Split useless A/B Saints to get 200 currency/week for x5 adv gems
Reset each week (bottom right menu in character list)

Keep most of your C characters they will be used for growth tome rebirth

Items: Diamond buy = Adv gem pack when you have 1K diam.
Other diam worth items (when sales %off) = refine stone

Gold buy = refine stone, scroll… but later gold becomes scarce when you start upgrading cosmos, so save it when you can

Legion/Honor shops : Priority = skill tome shard, rest isnt really interesting.

You can take Seiya/Pavo shards if you want these characters.

NB: up to 60% off at legion shop, but not sales at honor shop

Cosmo shops : You can use gold to buy cosmo but I don’t recommend it (unless it’s nether in sale) because gold is

really valuable when you start upgrading cosmos.

Refine box: interesting when 40/60% off at least

Hearts Shop : Farm 500 hearts/day > easily done when afk farming titan/ruin/etc. when in party or

hosting out of stam >> Buy 750 cost book (1500 = wait refresh)

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