Friendship (How to improve Farm)

Level 1 to level 2 > 100 Points

Level 2 to Level 3 > 115 Points (Unlocks Temple for 8th Sense)

You can farm a max of 200 points per day.

What you need for improve farm:

  • Spend all your stamine (on the mode you want).
  • Put the character you want to maximise friendship with another ones than are at level 10 on friendship.


  • 5 Players with level 10 friendship (if you wanna ”solo farm”)
  • 1 Damage for kill hit (Optional)

Suggest: Kiki, Marin, Luna.

For example:

‘I want to rise fast to level 3 the friendship of Milo”

So.. you put milo in the farming group, with a level 10 friendship character.

In this example (in a group of 3 people, where each one put just 2 characters) , im going to use ”Luna” (also milo and luna are good together, consider this for maximise your farming time).

So i put in the group: Milo and Luna.

Milo goes to farm a lot (and with more chances) the friendship.

*Take care of pair the character with level 10 friendship, if party is only with 2 people, you have to put 3 Characters (consider it).

So, following the example, in a 2 man group is going to be: Milo (you wanna rise it), Luna (she have level 10 friendship) and Kiki (or any character you have on level 10 friendship)

This way you improve the farming and can make it a lot way fast.

*Remember than you can rise your friendship of some character here:

*The secret is: maximized saints (on friend lvl 10, so they dont get points)

*If You are going to solo farm we can also recommend:

Put in your line up 5 players with level 10 friendship and the character you wanna maximise.


1: Kiki (level 10 friendship)

2: Marin (level 10 friendship)

3: June (level 10 friendship)

4: Luna (level 10 friendship)

5: Pegasus (level 10 friendship)

6: The character you wanna level up friendship.

This system is created because friendship is giving randomly to the characters you put in party, because of that we recommend to put level 10 friendship saints, and that way all points you win goes to the saint you are leveling up.

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