Shun Book

Andromeda Island

use Luna two turns to remove the freeze, keep June vine for damage mitigation, save 2 energy for shun to use defense up After 2 turns of drawing attack my marin can keep the team at full . She heals 7000 without buff,fyi If your saint have problem tanking, soapberry is the way

Against Jabu in Galactic War

Pretty easy fight if you can control or kill Geki first . marine can keep everyone up and avoid Jabu burst.

Black Andromeda’s Chains

Bring in a 4star Isaak, you need to break free chained ally by attacking Shun 4-5 times, which Isaak can do it one go.

June in the name of love

Erda does some high damage , and take her out first. leave the rest to Kingfisher and Daidalos . Male Saints can do just enough damage if they proc Kingfish (bypass defense)

The Phantom of Gemini

Bring in Nero Priest and Luna for double silence on Pope and Gemini, Hardest part both of them have to be 485 +in speed , so a 487+ speed Luna and 486 nero priest, silence both , and kill Geki who could stun and wrack your silence tactic.

In this video, you can see formations and fight advises

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